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Grow Your Vision

What makes your SPA unique and how can you integrate this in a lucrative and sustained SPA Business Model?

On the basis of a strong and trusting partnership, together we develop and implement your individual ideas, goals and visions for your SPA business.

Anyone can do “wellness”, but what is the very special thing that makes your SPA so amazing? This can be, for example, signature treatments, a unique concept, particularly friendly and well-trained employees, outstanding service and much more. Here it is important to also think innovatively and "out of the box" in order to create something unique. There are professional creativity techniques for finding ideas and methodical approaches to promote innovation.

Get to know me.

  • Business Consultant & Coach 

  • Entrepreneur 

  • B.A. Business AdministrationFocus: Management & Innovation (student at Steinbeis School of Management & Innovation, graduation in 2024);

  • owner/CEO of top rated (treatwell) cosmetic salon: ALL EYES ON YOU 360° BEAUTY 

  • former SPA Manager at premium and luxury SPAs

  • Beautician, almost 20 years of job experience

  • Expert in High Tech Beauty technologies and treatments

  • Expert in Signature Treatment Developing

  • More ...

Languages: German, English

Located in Munich, Germany,

Worlwide Consultations.

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Pastel Elegant Calligraphy Signature Monogram Logo.jpg
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"My greatest strenght is the combination of my expertise from academic knowledge of business and economy and my almost 20 years of practical professional experience in the upscale cosmetics, beauty and wellness industry.

I see myself as a consultant and at the same time as a

coach who provides help for self-help." (Eva)

I specialize in development and consultancy within the premium and luxury sectors of the health and beauty industry. My clients include spas in hotels, beauty studios, fitness centers, nail salons, and more.

Today, I draw from knowledge and offer you the opportunity to benefit from my multifaceted experiences since 2003. My expertise combines academic knowledge from my studies in Business Administration with a focus on Management, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, with over 20 years of practical experience as a consultant.

I have hands-on experience as the owner of my own premium institute for advanced high-tech cosmetic treatments, located near Schloss Nymphenburg in Munich.

Authentic reviews are a crucial quality indicator today. You can read about the experiences of my clients on Treatwell or check my services' 5-star ratings on Google and Facebook.

In the beauty and health industry, including hotel spas, staying abreast of evolving trends and developments is essential for a profitable and customer-centric positioning.

An experienced external perspective on your business and collaborative discussions at eye level between entrepreneurs form the foundation for identifying opportunities and resources within your company.

I provide tailor-made solutions to support and guide your company, such as identifying efficiency improvements, promoting creativity and innovation, or developing sustainable growth and competitive strategies. In the realm of hotel spas, optimizing the spa area, introducing profitable beauty offerings, and overall, establishing a successful spa can enhance your competitiveness.

A key to success lies in the right strategy, whether on a small or large scale. This way, your actions are structured and aligned with the goals you want to achieve.

Do you have a vision? Is your work guided by a corporate mission that defines your value proposition to customers while encompassing your strategic corporate leadership?

I would be delighted to show you how you can leverage my experiences for your company in an initial conversation. I look forward to meeting you and dedicating time to your concerns.

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Your benefits.

  • Development of a viable concept & business model

  • competitive advantages & staying ahead of the competitors

  • Optimizing Profitability

  • Increase in quality

  • Value propositions optimally tailored to your target group

  • Development of a real customer experience

  • Development of innovative USPs, e.g. signature treatments, services etc.

  • Increase in guest satisfaction & stronger customer loyalty

  • Improvement of your customer relationships

  • Improvement of the SPA internal organization and smooth running of processes

  • Support for SPA management & controlling

  • Support in Marketing & Sales

  • Increase in sales

  • Improvement of cooperation with other departments

  • Keyword "human ressources": Recruitment of suitable specialists, employee training, optimization of employee satisfaction (employee experience) & increase of employee loyalty, support with your employer branding, support with leadership & change management

Megatrend "Health":
Wellness-Boom continues

The pursuit of quality of life and a mindful, balanced existence makes "Wellness" a real lifestyle. “Wellbeing", "Selfcare" and "Me-time" or "Quality-Time" are buzzwords that have become indispensable in society and the media. The "Health" megatrend is one of the most important drivers in the economy and society, which will shape our future in the long term and which will develop its momentum over decades.

SPA Couple Holiday Relaxation.jpg

The value of a SPA:
a place of rest and recreation for the guests

SPA facilities are also inextricably linked to “Wellness”. There is no universal definition of what a SPA is, but a few points are clear: a SPA is a place of rest and relaxation for guests. Many of them offer a pool and sauna area, as well as beauty and relaxation treatments. The guests should feel comfortable and enjoy a break from the stressful everyday life.

Profit Center

The SPA as an independent company or as a profit center attached to another company

SPA's exist in a wide variety of forms, as independent companies (e.g. Beauty Centers, thermal baths,  etc.) as well as affiliated with other companies (in hotels, fitness centers, etc.). 

Regardless of the form, the top priority of every SPA must be entrepreneurial success.

On the one hand, "hard factors" such as business success contribute to entrepreneurial success, but also "soft factors" such as customer loyalty or marketing effects.

The difference: hard factors are usually easy to measure, while measuring soft factors is more difficult and often involves greater effort. The spa influences many of the soft factors, which is why it is often (wrongly) underrepresented.

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Hotel SPA's

The most popular form of SPAs as profit centers occurs in the context of hotels. There is a strong correlation between the hotels and their SPAs. The SPA is firmly interwoven with the business model, strategy and goals of the hotel. The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the SPA and the hotel interact intensively, in the best case synergies arise here. The SPA can even be the unique selling proposition of the hotel and thus bring it sustainable competitive advantages and shape and strengthen the brand image. In addition, the SPA is a key factor influencing guest satisfaction and customer loyalty in the entire hotel, which subsequently also has a positive impact on the operating result.


It is therefore worth seeing the SPA as a lucrative and sustainable investment and giving it the attention it deserves.

Typical internal Problems in all forms of  SPA's and how to deal with.

What sounds so simple often turn out to be a real challenge!

There are many struggles, SPAs have to deal with.

Often there is no business model at all or it is not sufficiently thought out and worked out, which ultimately results in insufficient lucrativeness and profitability. Deficiencies in financial planning exacerbate this further.

A general concept or "red thread" that could transport a uniform and attractive image is often not recognizable.

Weaknesses are often found in value offers and value propositions. In order to inspire and retain guests, you need an attractive range of treatments and great products that match the concept, as well as above-average service and top quality in all topics.

These are all aspects that lead to the next point, USP's. Anyone can do “wellness”, but what is the very special thing that makes your SPA so special? This can be, for example, signature treatments, a unique concept, particularly friendly and well-trained employees, outstanding service and much more. Here it is important to also think innovatively and "out of the box" in order to create something unique. There are professional creativity techniques for finding ideas and methodical approaches to promote innovation.

Value offers and value propositions need to be presented and sold to potential new and existing guests. Marketing and sales in particular often have major deficits in SPAs.

There are also many challenges within the SPA: There is often chaos in the organization and the organizational effort is enormous. This is partly due to a lack of digitization and automation, but also to unstructured processes and workflows.

There are management deficits due to the lack of qualifications of many SPA managers and at the same time a lack of industry knowledge or knowledge of the SPA business of the top management.

Cooperation with other departments is also often difficult.

Last but not least, the general lack of skilled workers and well-trained staff is a serious problem. Once motivated and competent employees have been found, it is important to keep them in the company and to avoid fluctuation at all costs. An attractive "employee experience" must be created, which ultimately also strengthens the "employer branding" to attract future new talents.

The challenge is to link the SPA-specific success factors with the commercial success factors to create a lucrative and profitable SPA business model. And this is exactly where my consultation comes in!

Make the difference! 

Get professional support and raise your SPA to the next level.

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How I work.

I coach both: already existing SPAs as well as SPAs which get newly founded (SPA as a Startup).

I support you in building a sustainable, viable and lucrative SPA business!

Together we will develop a strategy that is tailored to your individual needs, wishes and ideas.

 I do my work on a professional basis with scientifically proven methods and tools.

For special questions, I can fall back on a network of professional partners in order to be able to optimally

solve all your concerns.




Analysis of the current state, determination of improvement potential, determination of the optimal state



Your personal theoretical Roadmap. Answering the question: "How does your SPA get from the current to the optimal condition?"



From theory to practice:

Measures individually tailored to your company for the practical implementation of the roadmap in order to achieve the optimal state. 




Regular checking and, if necessary, readjustment. Innovation never ends!


"Paths are created by walking them." (Kafka)


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Eva Ratzisberger

+49 (0) 160 59 75 312

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